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Inside Sales Specialist

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Date Added 20 Nov 2019
Expiry Date 18 Dec 2019
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Western Cape

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Role details:
Inside Sales Specialist
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At Snapplify we're increasing access to digital educational materials, and empowering educators to transform their classrooms for the 21st Century. We need an inside sales specialist to join our Growth team, and help us tackle that challenge by executing and delivering projects to drive customer acquisition in 20 territories globally.

Our team believes in making a real, measurable impact. We're known for being innovative, and have a hardworking team of experts who are incredible to work alongside. We move fast, with a bias towards action. If you're ambitious, driven, and like to work on big, chewy projects, then our team might just be for you.

You’ll have the opportunity to help us reach new heights, by sourcing and nurturing new opportunities, and work closely with our Outside Sales team to generate leads and close deals.

You do not necessarily have to have held an inbound or pre-sales position before. We believe that skills are transferable. If you're smart, curious, and love to learn, we'll consider you for the role.

You’ll know that you’re the person for the job if:

You’re passionate about the world of learning: for yourself, and for others. For you, there’s no such thing as having learned ‘enough’. You’re a committed life-long learner. You’re always reaching.
You love reading: books, newspaper articles, blog posts, the backs of cereal boxes - you consume them voraciously. You’re pretty great with words, too. You’re a good writer, and take pride in crafting an excellent email (sometimes you re-read the particularly good ones - don’t worry, we won’t tell). You don’t shy away from the phone, either. You know that sometimes the best way to cut through the noise is to speak to a human being.
People just like you. You get on with everyone. They probably describe you as a great listener. They might also describe you as: no-nonsense, practical, or a planner. You’re the one organising the best get-togethers.
Importantly, when it comes to your work, you’re not just here to check boxes. You aim for excellence. You iterate and improve on ongoing projects because you care about their long-term success. You are deeply committed to client service. You'll tell anyone who will listen that everyone is responsible for this - not just the customer support team! You will pull an all-nighter if it means that’s going to meet a need that takes Snapplify to the next level.

If every word of that resonates with you, then read on to find out what a typical week would look like for you:


It’s your turn to check up on government tender boards. Updates are posted late on a Friday, and we do not want to miss any opportunities, so you’re in the office bright and early. If an interesting opportunity arises, you dig a little deeper, and then raise this in Slack, with all the key details and tag the people who need to know about it - making a note to check in later in the morning to make sure that it’s been picked up, and to see if you’ve been allocated any follow up actions.
Next up, you hop over to the running feed of new registrations. You verify each one - which sometimes requires some ninja research tactics, and then make sure that they are all enrolled in the correct presales and adoption processes. If you pick up on any particularly hot leads, you log these (with thorough notes) as deals in our CRM and raise it with the person responsible for that region. You also flag any potential queries from new and existing customers that you think it’s important for the regional representative to be aware of.
Then, you move over to your weekly inside sales tasks. You enroll new leads in presales email sequences, respond to incoming mail. Often this will lead to your facilitating introductions between new prospects and regional representatives, but just as often you’ll be fielding their initial queries yourself.
You prepare for the weekly sales meeting by reviewing the agenda, and preparing to report back on key agenda items assigned to you. You also collate a list of anything that is blocking you from progressing in key areas, and list any redflags you need to raise with the rest of the team.


You start your day with a review of the deal pipeline, assessing and executing any next steps on your key deals, or deals that you’re involved in.
You have a mid-morning call set up (one of three for the day) with a new prospect. You prepare a demo in advance, and review the notes you’ve made previously in the CRM. On the call, you ask smart and insightful questions about the needs of the prospect, so that you can later pin-point the aspects of the platform that will speak to them. All the while you keep detailed notes, which you log diligently in the CRM as soon as your call ends. You follow up the call with an email that outlines next steps and provides any resources, collateral, or other information that is relevant to their needs/goals.
We will be attending several key educational events in the upcoming month, and you’re responsible for coordination. You start with some basic administration: confirming attendance, arranging with finance to have invoices paid, and double checking how long our key speaking slots are. Then you spend some time researching key attendees, checking this alongside the leads/deal pipeline, and noting any people that we absolutely cannot miss an opportunity to speak with. You hand these over to the Outside Sales team, and update the event kick-off documents for these events with any new information.
After two more calls, you spend the afternoon processing some leads lists from an event the team was at last week. You verify the information, assign personas, and import these into the CRM.
Before you leave, you check in on the sales inbox for any incoming queries. You follow up on each of these, since it could turn into a potential new client relationship.


As usual, you have a few calls set up with institutions. You get your call prep out of the way early, and then spend some time working through emails and tasks. After you’ve logged all the notes and action items from your calls in the CRM, you action what you can in terms of moving those deals forward. For one deal this means preparing a proposal. For another, this means responding to questions about the catalog of prescribed books.
Next, you check in with a colleague about the status of the creative for upcoming paid media campaigns. She’s let you know they have just been finalised, and you’d like them to make just one small tweak that you know will make them even more effective. Once they are good to go, you start setting up the new campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook, and Twitter. You agonise over some copy, but are pleased with the end result. You double check your targeting, budget, and bids before scheduling these - exactly meeting your deadline.
You are still working closely with your incoming mails and tickets and reviewing tasks to make sure this stays with in KPIs.


As it’s the last week of the month, today’s usual weekly sprint catch-up is replaced with the Growth Sprint Kick-off for upcoming month. You prepare for this by reviewing the items in the current sprint and ensuring that all items on your name are up to date ahead of the retrospective. Then you review the backlog and upvote. items that have become a higher priority. This is a working meeting, and it is fast, and organised. By the end of it, the growth team is aligned on tasks and strategy for the upcoming month.
You spend the rest of the day writing email templates and setting up contact cycles and automated workflows to help drive deals forward, improve knowledge transfer and increase adoption.


You’ve set today aside to do some data cleaning. It’s not glamorous, but you know it’s critical to the success of the automated workflows and sequences you are running daily. You review all client lists, cleaning poor data and sending comms to drive product uptake.
You collaborate with team members on a high-level deal by helping to tailor a proposal, refining the value proposition, and providing valuable insight based on your calls and ongoing sector research. You also use some nifty filtering wizardry to identify other potential leads in the CRM who may fit the same criteria. You offer to run with the three best looking leads, to see how far you can take them with a mirrored approach.
You also dedicate some time to the product, just ahead of the weekly product update meeting. You re-read all the critical release notes for the previous week, and test out some of the new features that have been released, so that you can raise any questions in that meeting if you need to. You raise a ticket when you notice a bug. Before the end of the meeting you already have a notification to say that the bug has been scheduled for development.


Identify and qualify new customers
Coordinate and execute lead generation activities (events, trade shows, paid media)
Prospect new customers through lead generation, trade shows, follow-up, and cold calling
Identify the correct decision makers within a given business
Document all pertinent customer information and conversations into CRM system


Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
2+ years' experience
Experience working with HubSpot or similar CRM
Google Ads Certification (preferred)

Bonus Round

You have an American accent (+2 points)
You can speak Zulu, Afrikaans, Swahili, or French (+2 points)

We have not predetermined the salary for this position. We’ll work that out with you based on your skills, experience, and career path.

If you're excited by this opportunity, please send us a cover letter and your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile (or similar). Our Growth team wields words as weapons, so that cover letter is the thing that will drive us to call you back. Make sure it's as exceptional as you are.