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Digital Media Sales Consultant

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Date Added 9 Oct 2019
Expiry Date 6 Nov 2019
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Western Cape

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Role details:
Digital Media Sales Consultant
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At Snapplify we're increasing access to digital educational materials, and empowering educators to transform their classrooms for the 21st Century. We need a digital media sales consultant to join our Growth team, and help us tackle that challenge by developing and executing sales strategies to launch two new revenue streams in 20 territories globally.

Our team believes in making a real, measurable impact. We're known for being innovative, and have a hardworking team of experts who are incredible to work alongside. We move fast, with a bias towards action. If you're ambitious, driven, and like to work on big, chewy projects, then our team might just be for you.

You’ll have the opportunity to help us reach new heights, by negotiating high-value deals and developing exciting business opportunities for new revenue streams, whilst maintaining and growing existing business.

You’ll know that you’re the person for the job if:

You’re passionate about the world of learning: for yourself, and for others. You’re smart, curious, and a committed life-long learner.
Nothing gets you more excited than the opportunity to build new things - whether that’s a new product offering, or a new process. You’re a bootstrapper, and used to leveraging all the tools at your disposal to get something new off the ground. You’re not put off by the hard work required, either.
You’re particularly skilled at identifying client’s needs, communicating value, and packaging offers that appeal to them. You’ll go above and beyond to meet a deliverable that takes Snapplify to the next level.
Most importantly: you’re a closer. You’re the one who steps up to the plate in the last mile, and helps to get a deal across the line. You never give up. You’re tenacious. But, you also know when to walk away from a deal, and have the conviction to stand behind your decisions.

If every word of that resonates with you, then read on to find out what sort of work you might do on a daily basis:

In a typical week, you might work on...

Setting-up and monitoring an automated pre-sales sequence to nurture leads for an in-platform digital media offering, and ensure that everything is moving forward smoothly. You’ll identify & qualify leads with serious deal potential. You’ll create a new deals, capturing information based on email interaction and research, and funnel these through the deal pipeline. You’ll also review new opportunities that have been qualified by the inside sales team, searching through them for interesting high-value deal potential.
A few high-value deals which are in the final stages of negotiation. You’ll complete some action points required to drive these forward.
A deal which has stagnated just as the client was getting ready to sign on the dotted line. You might attend an in-person meeting with the client, to push it over the line. You’ll use your extensive set of sales tools swiss-knife-style to pin-point and resolve the blockers, repackaging part of the deal, and getting them to sign straight-away.
A mid-morning call set up with a key partner. You’ll have prepared a demo in advance. On the call, you’ll ask smart and insightful questions, so that you can later pin-point the advertising and promotion offerings that will appeal to them most. All the while you’ll keep detailed notes, which you’ll log diligently in the CRM as soon as your call ends.
You might continue working on a proposal template that you began the previous week, to support the sales strategy around a new offering we are launching, and spend time working on pricing models and advertising offerings for partners who wish to offer special promotions through the Snapplify Engage marketplace.
You’ll invest time in reading the detailed release notes for a new feature release, and test the feature for yourself in the platform. Then you’ll define and execute a strategy for informing existing clients, and current prospects.
You’ll collaborate with a colleague on automating aspects of the deal pipeline to increase efficiencies and reduce deal inertia.
Between calls and meetings, you’ll still be working closely with your incoming mails and tickets and reviewing tasks to make sure this stays within KPIs.


Contributing to the development of the digital media sales & marketplace promotions strategy.
Executing on the sales strategy, and managing the deal pipeline.
Maintaining and updating client contact lists and CRM systems, and keeping on top of administrative tasks to ensure processes are streamlined.
Actively researching and understanding the marketplace, and identifying key decision makers and sales opportunities.
Managing negotiation of high-value deals and developing key business opportunities.
Effective client management and maintenance of relationships.
Making sure all campaigns are set up correctly monitored and delivered as per their booking requirements, and providing delivery reports.
Assist in the development of effective strategies based on data-driven insights.


Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
5+ years prior experience in a sales, or customer service role.
3+ years' digital media sales experience.

We have not predetermined the salary for this position. We’ll work that out with you based on your skills, experience, and career path.

If you're excited by this opportunity, please send us a cover letter and your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile (or similar). Our Sales team wields words as weapons, so that cover letter is the thing that will drive us to call you back. Make sure it's as exceptional as you are.