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Senior Developer – Blockchain concepts in C#/Azure – Sandton

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Date Added 23 Aug 2019
Expiry Date 20 Sep 2019
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Role details:
Senior Developer role. Blockchain / Crypto type concepts. Product / Platform. .NET Core. C#. ASP.NET. Angular. SQL Server. Azure.
One of the closest South Africa has to a Amazon / Google type of idea. They’re a tech shop; they’re a bunch of tech driven, Geekish, early adopters who build products and platforms for a variety of different businesses usually revolving around analytics, transactions or IOT.

This gig is working on a platform for an investor in Northern Europe. You WON’T be building a new crypto currency but the idea is to leverage block chain / crypto concepts to deliver a multi-currency, cross border platform with features coming from all sorts of interesting angles.
This project will grow to span normal application dev, the crypto mentioned as well as data sciences.

The team is still small; it’s led by a classically trained but pragmatic Nerd. The lead is very experienced & has deep engineering skills to share with you but also a mentality driven by dev health.
The business is largeish (a couple of hundred people, NOT big bank numbers). They’re a space that grows by idea. Their range of products as well as licenced AAS software have tended to be conceptualised by devs in house and then taken to market.
Over your years with the business, you will find yourself building funky front ends to massive financial / modelling systems to IOT to VR to Crypto like projects similar to this one. I’d go further and suggest that you’ll find yourself learning tech we haven’t conceived yet quickly.
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This project is an unusual one; they will ask you for a certain amount of pre-existing experience:

• What you do is tech. You’ll need to be generally knowledgeable. That general knowledge will be drawn upon to solve the unique problems they tend to get involved in.
• What you do at work is design and code. You’ll need to bring some depth of knowledge in C# with you.
• Ideally, you will bring at least some .NET Core experience with you.
• They’re an OOP shop, so you will need OOP, OOD and Design Patterns knowledge.
• There’s a lot of maths based work; they’ll ask to know your history with Maths or Physics or some other related principle.
• Its big web – you will need ASP.NET, MVC / Web Api type skills; with Javascript (at least some form of modern Javascript).
• Everything is headed into Azure. You don’t need a ton of commercial experience but you need to know how the Cloud works.

Most of their developers can be stereotyped as having certain exp / knowledge:

• Most are degreed – either in Computer Science, Mathematics or Informatics.
• This team does use Angular – they’ll be on Angular 8 shortly.
• All of them have an appreciation of more theoretical concepts like DP / OOP / DDD.
• All of them can handle mathematical algorithms / AI / ML level concepts.

If this gets your attention, get your CV across to me at nicoled@e-merge.co.za
Reference number for this job is ND47352