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Web Application Developer

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Date Added 26 Nov 2018
Expiry Date 24 Dec 2018
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OneConnect Technologies




Role details:
This role has the responsibility of analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and support of Web Application solutions.
Overview of the Position
The key responsibilities of the Web Developer are with respect to Implementation of Web related solutions, like Web Sites, Web Portals/portlets and Progressive Web Applications. The major functions include:
A. Analysis
B. Design
C. Development
D. Testing
E. Implementation
F. Communication
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Key Focus Areas

a. Perform detailed and on-going analysis of the of the requirements for the solution/application.
b. Liaise with customers and or/team lead to ensure all requirements are understood.

a. Design the solution from the requirements to ensure that the solution proposed will satisfy the requirements as set out in the Analysis phase.
b. This includes functional and technical design.
c. Design error handling for all possible error conditions.

a. Development of the solution according to the design.
b. Review code of other developers.
c. Ensure that all use cases are covered in the solution.
d. Ensure code is always up to date in the code repository.
e. Create standard frameworks or use standard frameworks as far as possible to avoid rework on each solution – promote re-usability
f. Develop solutions that are:
• Source code repository agnostic
• Automated
• Scalable
• Re-usable
• Configurable
• Modular
• Easily maintained
g. Develop optimal solutions that:
• Support continuous integration
• Implement best practices
• Cater for all error conditions

a. Setup all relevant test cases to ensure maximum code coverage.
b. Continuous execution of test cases to ensure code always works according to spec.
c. Create test reports.

a. Promotion of code from Development to Test to Live environments.
b. Ensure solution can be promoted to next environment without the need for changing code between environments – all variables need to be externalised and configurable.
c. Setup automated scripts for promotion of code between environments.
d. Ensure code supports logging ability for diagnosing issues.

a. Communicate development requirements between project stakeholders (architectural channels, business areas and project teams)

General Requirements

a. Team player who drives team delivery and performance
b. Co-operative and knowledge-sharing attitude
c. Influence people and resolve conflicts
d. Building and maintain relationships
e. Have a collaborative frame of mind
f. Have a strategic approach when designing solutions that enable standardization and efficiency
g. Contribute to the success of the team
a. Strong analytical thinking and problem solving
b. Solid understanding of applications, domains, toolsets and processes in area of expertise
c. Ability to make decisions and initiate action
d. Ability to present and communicate (verbal and written)
e. Ability to work independently as well as produce results as part of a group
f. Demonstrate sensitivity to, and respect for, a diverse user group
g. Commitment to operational and service excellence
h. Keep abreast of changes and trends in systems and relevant technologies

Qualifications and Experience
The successful candidate must have:
a. B Degree in IT related discipline or Advanced Diploma in IT
b. 5+ Years experience with Java, Databases and scripting languages
c. 5+ Years experience with HTML 5, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS3
d. Practical experience with Firebase Real-time DB or any NoSQL Database like FireStore, MongoDB Couch DB)
e. Practical experience with NodeJS
f. Previous working experience with any JavaScript framework like Polymer, Angular, Flutter, or ReactJS – this will be an advantage
g. Knowledge and experience of the following:
- Software Development Life Cycles
- Project Life Cycles
- Testing
- Project implementation
- Support