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Engineering Lead ( 12-month contract )

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Date Added 15 Jul 2021
Expiry Date 12 Aug 2021
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Nedbank Group Technology


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Role details:
To work with the Product Manager to group features based upon the architecture elements that support them, an influence on priorities; tests architecture elements with executable and testable design (abstract interfaces aka the contract); facilitates technical decisions; incorporates feedback and emergent patterns from the team back in to the overall design; produces alternate design concepts and detailed approach; ensures the design goals - performance, modularity, reliability, maintainability, reusability, internationalization and accessibility - are met; ensures technical cohesion and helps write the technical contract in interfaces and other abstract objects and data entities; leads design review and provides feedback. To own the End-to End.
Technical Solution being delivered by the squad. To lead the squad from a technical perspective to realise the
End-to End Technical Solution. Ownership of the Technical Solution entails the following:
1. Architectural alignment where possible:
2. Progressing of capabilities roadmap:
3. Alignment with relevant CoEs:
4. End-to End integration of solution:
5. Solving for the non functional requirements
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Take technical responsibility for all aspects of all systems specification and drives the developers to complete the component design within a squad
Ensure that the architecture and system design is in line with the architectural framework of the organization and are optimised for use on the organisation's infrastructure
Uses design methodologies that are in line with the standards and procedures of the organisation
Fully tests the design, before and after application development
Liaise with squad members to ensure that specifications are understood and the product is on track.
Minimize technical debt in consultation with Enterprise Architects to ensure integration across domains
Contribute to architectural frameworks and develop reusable domain solution artefacts
Build customized solutions to meet a client's unique business needs
Undertake to not introduce new requirements at the team during a sprint.
Advise on the selection and use of appropriate design standards, methods and tools and their effective application
Assess software packages on their ability to meet all or parts of specified requirements and advise colleagues and management on their technical suitability.
Assist Architecture, UX Specialist, and Product Manager in the refining of features to be considered in the next planning cycle to meet the Feature Definition of Ready.
Build and maintain effective network with internal and external stakeholders.
Design, implement and monitor standard, policies, and processes for application maintenance and support including incident response and problem solving.
Document all work using required standards, methods and tools, including prototyping tools where appropriate.
Drive continuous improvement
Ensure proper testing has been completed and proper documentation exists to support new/modified applications in production and address any documentation gaps.
Ensure that designs take full account of specified requirements and constraints, including any potential safety-related aspects, and are appropriate to the target implementation and support environments.
Ensure that quality assurance systems, processes and measures are carried out in accordance with the organization's standards, methods and procedures.
In the case of application problems, participate in the search for root cause and implementation of corrective actions.
Participate in quality initiatives including code reviews, error log reviews, error coding standards, performance of database access and usage, bottleneck analysis, root cause identification and problem closure.
Participate in overall architecture, security and certifications of software products with a view to operational performance.
Provide sound decision-making for software engineering and application development that would be sensitive to the constraints and needs of the business.
Specify and apply testing and quality monitoring procedures
Work with Enterprise System Management to migrate changes to production with the highest quality and lowest impact to the business.
Adhere to organisation and industry best practices and standards for Software Engineering and the specific Domain.


Modelling Use cases with UML
Object-Oriented Concepts
Using Class Diagrams
Object-Oriented Frameworks
Modelling Interactions with Sequence Diagrams
Design Patterns
Modelling Physical Aspects Using Deployment Diagrams
Database Model Concepts
SOA Architecture
Database Architecture
SOA Concepts and Principles
Cloud Fundamentals
Agile Concepts
Cloud Models
Software Delivery
Web Services Architecture and Design
Businesses and Developers Working Together
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Technical Excellence and Good Design
Information Security Fundamentals
Lean Software Development
Security Architecture and Design
DevOps Strategy
Web Services Security
DevOps and Automation
Continuous Integration and Deployment Processes
REST Web Services
Collaboration and Sharing in DevOps
Web Services Push Strategies
Measurement in DevOps
Testing and Monitoring


4- 5 Years experience as Systems Designer (DL) and Analyst Programmer (DL)
At the highest level, has held technical responsibility for the development, implementation and testing of at least one major application.
Shows evidence of strong analytical ability and attention to detail.
Appreciates the importance of commercial constraints.
Has expert knowledge of all stages of systems development, from specification to implementation.
Demonstrates a wide and detailed IS knowledge coupled with thorough knowledge of the workings of own organisation, its IS plans and policies and some awareness of comparable organisations.
Experience in modern API platform design.
Experience in modern security practices.
Experience partitioning large systems into subsystems and components that can be handled by a single engineer or team of engineers.
Experience working in an Agile development environment.
Good understanding of the organisation's business strategy, business practices, and competitive
Has a good mix of Technical Skills, Business Acumen, and a strong desire to support the customer.
In-depth understanding of the specific domain and pertinent technologies
Knowledge of Architecture methodologies (ToGAF, Gartner) in relation to software intensive systems.
Knowledge of Information System Design.
Knowledge of Solutions Architecture.
Proven ability to roll out phased solutions.
Understanding of computer server architectures, including peripheral interfaces and multi-processor
Understanding of Microservices and application of Integration patterns.


Essential: BSc (Information Systems), BCom (Information Systems).
Professional Qualification Level 6
Certifications: Certified IT Architect (ITAC), Togaf certification